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Sahand SABER is a partner of the law firm HIRO. He practices in general criminal law and business criminal law. He advises individuals and companies on a daily basis on criminal liability litigation and on the criminal risks incurred in the course of their activities.

His fields of intervention cover general criminal law (infringement against property and persons, criminal cases, etc.), business criminal law (breach of trust, abuse of social assets, bankruptcy, etc.), the criminal issues raised through tax disputes (tax fraud, asset arrangements, VAT fraud, carousel fraud, etc.) and social (URSSAF, concealed work, health and safety, etc.). He also intervenes in press law (defamation, insult, provocation to commit crimes and misdemeanors, apologies for crimes and misdemeanors, etc.).

Clarisse SAND is a partner of the law firm HIRO, carrying out tax, administrative and European litigation. She works with a clientele of companies and individuals whom she supports in the context of proceedings against administrative authorities, during tax audits, tax disputes and proceedings in criminal, tax and financial law before the judicial courts (criminal court - Court of appeal)

Her areas of intervention cover all procedures related to fiscal and financial issues (illegal taking of interests, tax fraud, money laundering, fraud, forgery and use of forgery) before both administrative and judicial jurisdictional orders (depending on their jurisdiction) at national level but also at European level.

Frédéric NIEL is a partner of the law firm HIRO. He practices in business criminal law, tax law and business law. He advises a clientele of individuals and companies, mainly on criminal issues raised in the context of tax disputes (tax evasion, asset arrangements, VAT fraud, Carousel, etc.) and social (URSSAF, concealed work, hygiene and security, etc…). His activity also extends to criminal risks in the course of their activity.

His particularity is to have worked for a long time as a business leader. He has managed many companies, from small businesses to mid-sized companies, and therefore understands both the economic challenges of a business and the difficulties encountered by business leaders.

Jonathan ELKAIM is a partner of the law firm HIRO, in charge of intellectual property litigation, new technologies and unfair competition. He intervenes more generally in commercial litigation and legal risks to which individuals and companies are exposed in the context of their commercial activities.

During his various experiences, as a collaborator in French and foreign law firms but also as a lecturer in corporate law at the University of PARIS XIII, Jonathan ELKAIM has been called upon to deal with many issues in link with commercial and consumer law. This transversality allows it to comprehend the various aspects of business law in a holistic manner and to provide technical expertise and a solution adapted to the issues submitted to it.

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