Criminal litigation

The Firm has a strong activity in criminal matters, in particular in the areas of corporate criminal law and criminal matters. He is regularly appointed to defend people concerned by a criminal case, whether it is a question of offenses (forgery and use of forgery, breach of trust, fraud, theft, violence, assault, moral or sexual harassment, abuse of weakness, blackmail, extortion, kidnapping, crimes committed by organized gangs, trafficking in narcotics, arms trafficking, etc.) or crimes (rape, murder, assassination, etc.)
The judicialization of the business world also leads many economic actors to have to answer before the criminal justice or to appeal to it to put an end to illegal behavior committed to their prejudice. This is how the fight against tax fraud (voluntary omission of mandatory declarations, VAT, donation, registration fees, etc.) constitutes a major stake for the State and for public finances. Legislative developments in this area tend to mark an increased penalization of reporting failures, with procedures targeting persons liable for increasingly smaller sums.

Likewise, the world of work is subject to significant penalties, the courts being called upon to rule on practices committed in violation of workers' rights (examples: involuntary violence, lack of recklessness or negligence , moral and sexual harassment, discriminatory behavior, etc.) and to prevent companies from suffering a distortion of competition linked in particular to illegal practices (examples: non-payment of compulsory contributions, concealed work by undeclared employees, employees working hours additional undeclared or employees without a residence permit, non-compliance with health or safety measures, etc.).

Finally, failure to comply with the rules governing the exercise of public functions constitutes an important part of public criminal litigation. Communities, businesses and their leaders are exposed to increased risk, when it comes to activities involving the commitment of the state and public institutions.

Examples of handled cases by the law firm

  • Advice to siblings prosecuted for tax evasion by reducing the value of real estate donated.

  • Advising a world-class footballer and his agent, prosecuted for tax evasion and laundering of tax evasion.

  • Advising a bank victim of cyber attacks, committed by a group of individuals who obtained the usernames and passwords of their bank accounts from their customers in order to access them and carry out account movements.

  • Advising a construction company that subcontracted certain activities of a construction site to a third party.

  • Advice to a comedian who was prosecuted for public insult, for comments aimed at a professional matador gored by a bull during a performance.

  • Advice from a lawyer prosecuted for tax evasion by willful failure to declare his income.

  • Advising a business executive prosecuted for tax evasion by failing to disclose turnover.
  • Advising an association fighting against racism and anti-Semitism in a case of terrorism in which some victims had been targeted because of their membership of the Jewish religion.

  • Advising an airplane pilot of foreign nationality prosecuted for facilitating the entry and stay in France of people in an irregular situation.

  • Advising a manager of an international consulting firm prosecuted for acts of sexual assault in his workplace.

  • Advising an elected official in a fraudulent award procedure for a public school catering contract.

  • Advising a company targeted by offensive and defamatory messages posted on social media by a former employee.

  • Advising a person, employed by a large luxury group, prosecuted for theft of branded products within his company.
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