Cybercrime litigation

Cybercrime is one of the major legal and security issues. The development of digital tools, the importance of international financial flows and online services have led to an increase in malicious acts committed via the Internet. Businesses and individuals are the target of individuals employing sophisticated methods of impersonating and improperly obtaining funds or confidential information.

Its frantic development has encouraged the public authorities to equip themselves with appropriate legal means, in particular to allow the adaptation of investigation methods. Also, its cross-border nature has led States to conclude conventions harmonizing their legislation and promoting their cooperation.

Also, the development of crypto-assets has increased the exposure of businesses and individuals to cybercrime risk. This is so because of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and the lack of regulation making them subject to abusive behavior or sometimes to technical difficulties.

All of these issues are handled by HIRO Firm Lawyers who, combining their respective skills, offer tailor-made assistance to both prosecuted and victims of cybercrime.

Examples of handled cases by the law firm

  • Advising a bank victim of cyber attacks, committed by a group of individuals who have obtained the usernames and passwords of their bank accounts from their customers in order to access them and proceed with account movements,

  • Advice to an association fighting against online hatred (legal actions against people using anonymous accounts on social networks to make abusive, defamatory or intended to provoke hatred and violence),

  • Advising a business manager accused of having assisted in a hacking operation by making digital tools available to criminals,

  • Advising company executives targeted by malicious IT acts committed by former employees dismissed for serious misconduct,

  • Advising a business manager victim of criminals who usurped his identity and that of his company to obtain deliveries of computer equipment to the foreign market,

  • Advice to an IT developer accused of formatting all of the company's digital data.

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